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Behind the Scenes: The Creation Process of Our Play Shop

Two young girls play in a children's play shop. The girl on the left, in a yellow dress, is playing with toys on a pink counter The girl on the right, in a white floral print dress, is holding a book and pushing a toy shop cart with purple accents. In the background are green plants and wooden furniture

The Inspiration Behind the Play Shop

The idea for our play shop emerged during a brainstorming session where we thought about how we could stimulate role-playing, a crucial element in child development. In designing our play shop, we were inspired by current trends in Indonesia, where the use of arches and rounded shapes is central. These flowing forms not only bring aesthetics but also safety and playfulness to our products. This inspiration ensures that our play shop is both attractive to children and perfectly fits within the rest of our product line.

Design: Functionality Meets Safety and Creativity

Technical drawing of a furniture design, showing various views and details. Top view, front view, side view and perspective view are shown. Bottom right is a detail drawing with a red mark

When designing our play shop, it was essential that the shelves had the correct dimensions to perfectly fit our food trays.

An unfinished wooden toy store in a workshop. The store has a curved top and two shelves that hold various wooden accessories. Workbenches, tools and other woodworking materials can be seen in the background.

This ensures that the furniture is consistent with all our other pieces and that the food trays fit seamlessly on the shelves. Additionally, we angled the side panels of the shop to align well with the rest of our collection, including our counter.

Safety was a top priority: we ensured there were no sharp edges and no small parts that could pose a choking hazard. The modular design allows children to adjust and expand the setup with various accessories, enhancing their creativity and learning experience.

Production: Craftsmanship and Technology Hand in Hand

The production of the play shop begins with the selection of sustainably sourced wood, reflecting our commitment to environmentally friendly toys. Our furniture is partly made using CNC machines to guarantee precision, but is always finished by hand to make each piece unique. All rattan is hand-woven and hand-assembled into our play furniture, giving each piece a personal and artisanal touch. This combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship ensures that each play shop is of the highest quality.

Quality Control: Tested by the Experts - Children Themselves

A young girl plays with wooden toy food behind an unfinished wooden toy store. She holds two sets of toy meat, one in each hand. An adult hands her one of the sets. The scene takes place in a workshop with a concrete floor and wooden panels in the background

Safety and quality are our highest priorities. Every play shop undergoes thorough quality control to ensure it meets international safety standards. We test everything, from the sturdiness of the structure to the safety of the materials, to ensure that we deliver a product that parents can trust. But the real test comes from the children themselves. Their feedback and interaction with our prototypes help us make the products even better and more enjoyable.


At Toko for Kids, every piece of toy we create is a testament to our love for innovation and our dedication to child development. The play shop is more than just a toy; it is a tool that helps children grow and learn in a safe and fun environment. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look and that it has inspired you to appreciate the power of play. Follow us for more stories and updates from the magical world of Toko for Kids. Every toy has a story—and we are here to share and celebrate those stories.

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