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Behind the Scenes: The Creation of Our Play Kitchen

Two young girls play with a wooden toy kitchen set. The kitchen is painted green with details such as a fake sink, stove and storage shelves. One girl, in a yellow dress, sits in a wooden toy cart, while the other girl, in a leopard print dress, stands and plays with the kitchen. Next to them on the wall is a framed picture of a coastal scene.

Inspiration Behind the Play Kitchen

At Toko for Kids, we draw our inspiration from the trends and traditions of Indonesia. For our play kitchen, we chose a design characterized by arcs and rounded shapes, a popular style here in Indonesia. These soft, inviting forms not only make our kitchen aesthetically appealing but also safe for children to play with

Design: Functionality Meets Safety and Creativity

 Technical sketch of a children's kitchen play set. The image shows a disassembled view of the various components such as the worktop, sink, faucet, and storage space. Labels and arrows indicate assembly points and components, including changeable parts such as baking trays and an oven rack.

Our play kitchen includes all the essential elements of a real kitchen, such as stove tops, a sink, and an oven, to provide children with a realistic play experience. We also thought about storage space for kitchen accessories, allowing children to keep their play area tidy and learn about organization.

Digital illustration of a children's kitchen play set designed in pastel green and beige colors. The play kitchen includes an oven, sink, cooktop and storage areas. At the back is a semi-circular back wall with dots for decoration and a faucet above the sink.

Safety is paramount in our toy design. We ensure that there are no sharp edges and that all components are large enough so they cannot be swallowed. Every detail, from the oven door to the stove knobs, is designed with safe interaction in mind.

A unique feature of our kitchen is its modularity. Children can adjust the shelves themselves and add extra accessories that are available separately. This not only stimulates their creativity but also allows the play kitchen to grow with the child.

Unfinished wooden children's kitchen play set in a workshop. The play kitchen has a large, semi-circular back wall with many holes, an integrated sink, and a faucet. The cabinet also includes an oven with a latticework door, and two storage shelves under the sink. In the background, several other wooden play sets and craft items are visible on shelves.

The dimensions of the kitchen are carefully chosen to ensure that children of various ages can play comfortably. The worktop height and width are tailored to the average size of children in our target group, making it easy for them to reach all parts.

Production: Craftsmanship and Technology Hand in Hand

CNC machine in operation, cuts a square opening in a wood panel. The machine's tool has a red and silver cutter that cuts into the wood, while a dust extraction hose discharges the sawdust.

Every play kitchen begins its journey in our workshop, where modern technology and traditional craftsmanship come together to create something special. Many parts of the kitchen are precisely cut and shaped using our CNC machines, ensuring precision and consistency in each piece. Once the basic forms are created, each piece moves on to the hands of our artisans.

Close-up of two types of woven reed panels in a metal frame. On the left, a pattern with loose, spatial weave, and on the right, a compact, finely woven wicker pattern. Both are framed with a thin metal border.

The finishing and assembly are done entirely by hand. This is particularly true for the weaving of the rattan, which is done with great care and skill to give each kitchen a unique, natural appearance. This method ensures that each play kitchen is not only sturdy and safe, but also has a personal touch, highlighting the charming characteristics of handmade craftsmanship. This assures us that we are delivering kitchens that are not only beautiful, but also durable enough to last for generations.

Quality Control: Tested by the Experts - The Children Themselves

Young girl, dressed in a green floral print dress, plays with a wooden play kitchen. She stands stooped near the cabinets of the kitchen, which has round cutouts for a sink and hot plates. A wooden toy stroller is visible in the background.

Before a play kitchen from Toko for Kids leaves our workshop, it undergoes a rigorous testing process. For our very first design, we chose a practical approach: we had the kitchen tested on-site by a group of children aged between 2 and 6 years old. These young testers gave us valuable feedback on the usability and safety of the design.

wo young girls play together with a green wooden play kitchen. The girl on the left wears a leopard print dress and uses play utensils to “cook,” while the girl on the right, dressed in a yellow dress, holds a toy phone to her ear. The room has a simple, white background with a framed picture above the play kitchen.

During these testing sessions, we observed how the children played with the kitchen, which features they used the most, and how durable the structures were under active use. These direct observations allowed us to see what worked well and what needed adjustment, from the stability of the construction to the safety of all components.

Thanks to these firsthand tests, we were able to make specific adjustments that improved the safety and playability of the kitchen. Now, we ensure that every play kitchen we produce undergoes the same rigorous tests, with each piece of toy meeting our high standards for quality and safety before it goes to your homes.

Conclusion: A Play Kitchen for Little Master Chefs

With our play kitchen, we offer a safe, inviting, and creative play environment that encourages children to let their imaginations run wild. It is more than just a toy; it is a tool for development and enjoyment, designed to inspire and support young children in their growth.

We hope you are as excited about our new play kitchen as we are. Keep following us for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks at Toko for Kids!

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