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Our story

We are Lemmy and Boy brothers and students with a mission. What started as a graduation project for Howest has grown into our own company “Toko for kids”. 

It all started in Indonesia, where we made our first designs and the idea arose to take this bigger. We wanted to make our own toy designs, but in a sustainable way. So we only use wood, fabric and other natural materials from Indonesia. We immediately fell in love with Indonesian culture and incorporated that inspiration into our designs for furniture and dollhouses.


Our products aim to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Our mission is to teach growing up to play with our creations.

What began as a dream is now a reality: high-quality, handmade toys that are both durable and enriching for children around the world.

We invite you to become part of our mission. We look forward to bringing you high-quality, plastic-free toys that bring children's imaginations to life. Together, we can make a difference for the future of our children and our planet.


Starting from the initial raw wood and continuing through each production phase, our factory handles every aspect. After each toy undergoes meticulous hand-painting, assembly, and quality checks, it is carefully encased in paper and housed within eco-friendly recycled cardboard packaging.

We hold a deep commitment to preserving our beloved planet's sustainability, and we are diligently working towards the complete elimination of single-use plastics from our packaging solutions.

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Our green initiatives

Everything revolves around natural materials, especially wood and fabric. We sell toys with a long lifespan, focusing on sustainability and environmental awareness. Our plastic-free packaging reduces the ecological impact, and our products are easy to maintain and wash. Together with Bonsai, we are working on reforesting our planet and giving something back to nature. We aim for a greener future and want to assist families while protecting our planet.

Our mission






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