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Rainbow Macrame and Raffia Hanger

Product description :

Elevate your space with our Handmade Rainbow Macrame and Raffia Hanger, a delightful blend of artistry and natural materials. Crafted with care, this decorative hanger not only adds a pop of color to your surroundings but also radiates warmth and style.

Dimensions :

30 x 30cm


Brighten up your surroundings, celebrate natural materials, and support artisanal craftsmanship with our Rainbow Macrame and Raffia Hanger. Add a touch of elegance to your space today!

Rainbow Macrame and Raffia Hanger

SKU: 199 MI
  • Our Rainbow Macrame and Raffia Hanger is skillfully crafted from two exquisite materials:

    • Macrame: Woven with precision, the macrame portion of this hanger adds a touch of intricate charm. It's not just a decoration; it's a work of art.
    • Raffia: Made from the leaves of the raffia palm tree, the raffia element lends a natural and eco-friendly touch to your decor. It's not just beautiful; it's sustainable.

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