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Macramé Hanger Rumbai

Product description :

Introducing the perfect blend of natural beauty and craftsmanship - our Handmade Macramé Hanger Rumbai. Crafted with love and care, this exquisite plant hanger is designed to showcase your favorite indoor plants while adding a touch of Bohemian elegance to your living space.

Dimensions :

31 x 33cm


Bring a breath of fresh air into your home and elevate your botanical display with the timeless beauty of our Handmade Macramé Hanger Rumbai. Embrace the artistry of macramé and the eco-conscious choice of raffia while creating a safe and beautiful space for your indoor plants to thrive.


Macramé Hanger Rumbai

SKU: 199 LP
  • Crafted with precision and dedication, this Macramé Hanger Rumbai is lovingly handmade from two eco-conscious materials: macramé and raffia. Macramé, known for its intricate knotting technique, provides strength and durability, ensuring your plant is held securely. Raffia, a natural and sustainable fiber, adds a rustic charm that beautifully complements any style of décor.

  • We understand the importance of safety in your home, especially when it comes to caring for your beloved plants. Rest assured that our Macramé Hanger Rumbai is designed with both aesthetics and safety in mind. The combination of macramé and raffia ensures that it's a gentle and non-abrasive choice for your potted friends. The materials used are toxin-free, making this hanger safe for your plants and family.

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