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Coconut Bowl with Rainbow Carving

Product description :

Introducing Our Handmade Coconut Bowl with Rainbow Carving


Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite Handmade Coconut Bowl with Rainbow Carving, a true masterpiece that combines nature's beauty with skilled craftsmanship. Crafted from natural coconut, this bowl is more than just a dining accessory – it's a sustainable work of art that brings a touch of tropical bliss to your table.

Dimensions :

Dia 15 X 9 H  Cm


Coconut Bowl with Rainbow Carving

SKU: 77 J
  • Made from 100% real coconut, this bowl showcases the inherent beauty of nature in every curve. The coconut shell is meticulously hand-carved with a vibrant rainbow design, making each piece unique and special. Embrace the rustic charm of this eco-friendly creation, and relish your meals in style.

  • Your safety is our priority. Rest assured, this Handmade Coconut Bowl is free from harmful chemicals, BPA, and toxins. Our artisans ensure that the coconut shell is expertly cleaned and sanded to provide a smooth, food-safe surface. You can enjoy your favorite dishes with confidence, knowing that this bowl adheres to the highest safety standards.

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