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Why Our Play Food is Made of Fabric

Een kind dat zorgvuldig stoffen speelgoed uitzoekt uit een opbergdoos.

A unique choice we've made at Toko for Kids concerns our range of play food. Unlike much traditional play food that's made of wood, we've decided to manufacture ours from fabric. The reason? All children love to put toys in their mouth. And while wooden toys can be cleaned, it's nearly impossible to completely remove all bacteria. Our fabric play food offers a practical and hygienic solution.

Easy to clean

Has the play food gotten dirty? No problem. Just throw it in the washing machine, and voilà, your child can once again enjoy clean and safe play food. This convenience not only ensures a worry-free play experience for parents and children but also underscores our commitment to the safety and hygiene of children's toys.

More Realistic Play Experience

Een meisje dat speelgoedfruit in een rieten mandje doet tijdens een picknick op een kleurrijk tapijt buiten

An additional advantage of using fabric is that we can bring our creations closer to reality. The texture and flexibility of fabric allow us to make play food that is not only visually appealing but also pleasant to touch and play with. Whether it’s the soft filling of a fabric strawberry or the moldable shape of a bun, our play food invites interactive and imaginative play.

Through this conscious choice of material, we reiterate our commitment to innovation, safety, and child development. At Toko for Kids, we believe it's important to provide not only a safe and educational play environment but also one that encourages fun and imagination. Our fabric play food is a perfect example of this philosophy, allowing children to safely and hygienically explore the world of food and cooking.

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