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Several Needs - Butterfly Wings

Retail Price: €34.95


Product description :

Introducing our Butterfly Wings - the ultimate accessory to transform your child into a fluttering, colorful butterfly! These enchanting wings are designed for endless play and imaginative adventures. Whether it's for dress-up, themed parties, or simply spreading their wings in the backyard, these butterfly wings will inspire joy and delight. Watch your child's imagination take flight with our Butterfly Wings!


- The wings are made of durable soft canvas with inside dacron to have that soft touch when playing.

- Dimensions: H42 x L64 x W2,5 cm

- Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water & line dry

- Handmade with love by really really nice people


Several Needs - Butterfly Wings

21,58 €Price
  • These stunning Butterfly Wings are made from high-quality Polyester fabric, ensuring a soft touch against your child's skin. The fabric is both lightweight and robust, allowing for hours of comfortable, imaginative play. Our commitment to quality guarantees that these wings will be a cherished addition to your child's dress-up collection.

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