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DIY Project: Toko's Advent Calendar.

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In this blog post, we want to emphasize the importance of engaging in crafting and creating things with your child. By getting hands-on with diy projects, children have the opportunity to take risks, learn from mistakes, and thereby boost their self-confidence. This fosters valuable experiences in problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and creative exploration. Whether it's assembling a birdhouse or crafting a simple macaroni necklace, children derive great satisfaction from the ability to create something!

Are you ready to explore your creative side and simultaneously craft a unique artwork for your home? Then, try this straightforward guide for creating our beautiful Advent calendar on an MDF board. Follow the steps below to add a distinctive piece to your interior.


  • MDF board measuring 1220 x 630

  • Projector (optional)

  • Pencil

  • Jigsaw

  • Sandpaper

  • Paint and brushes

Steps for the MDF Tree:

Wooden MDF Board where a christmas tree has been drawn on

Step 1: Acquire an MDF board measuring 1220 x 630.

Step 2: Project the desired tree shape onto the board using a projector, if available. Alternatively, you can freehand draw the tree shape

A Christmas tree shaped in MDF wood

Step 3: Use a jigsaw to skillfully cut out the tree shape from the MDF board.

Step 4: Neatly clean the edges by lightly sanding them with sandpaper.

a christmas tree shaped of MDF plate and painted in white

Step 5: After sanding, the board is ready for the first layer of paint. For a durable finish, personally apply at least three layers.

Paper Bags for the Tree:

a square piece of red paper

Step 1: Take a square piece of paper.

Red paper that is folded into a triangle

Step 2: Fold the corners of the paper towards each other.

Red paper that is fold into a half triangle

Step 3: Take the left corner and fold it gracefully towards the edge on the opposite side.

red paper that is folded into a bag

Step 4: Take the right corner and fold it gracefully towards the edge on the opposite side.

red paper that is folded into a small paper bag

Step 5: Seal the back of the bag with tape or glue.

A Christmas tree intricately crafted from an MDF board adorned with 25 paper bags.

Step 6: Attach the bag to the tree using thumbtacks. Repeat these steps for each bag to decorate your tree.

Show Off Your Creation: Once your tree is complete, share your artwork on social media with the hashtag #Tokodiyprojects and #Tokosadventcalender. We can't wait to see and celebrate your beautiful creations, embracing the spirit of creativity! Enjoy your crafting journey!

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